DILAN, 1990

Tommorow would be the day that i’ve been waiting for. Yes, Dilan, 1990 premier Movie will be launched in all cinemas in Indonesia. I have a plan to watch that movie with my husband. Off course without our 3 children.

D Day. That was Friday and we’re planning to watch the movie at Margo City Depok. We went there by car at 5 pm after we finished our working hours. The traffic was not so good. It took 1 hour to go to Margo City, because it’s Friday night.

The problem has not stopped yet. After we arrived at Margo City, it was so difficult to find parking lot. But we were not give up, kept find although we have to argue with other visitor only to take over the parking lot for our car. Yes, we got it! It took 30 minutes to find the parking lot. Gosh, what the….. Alhamdulilah…

Food court is the place that poped up in my mind that we should visited first. Because my tummy wouldn’t be abble to wait anymore. We decided to eat Udon, japanese food. We didn’t enjoy our meal because we have to hurry to catch the movie, it should be started on 19.15.

Dilan!!! Can’t hardly wait to see that movie. We choose the third row seat from the back. Haha… the studio were almost full filled by teenager. Maybe only 4 or 5 couples of adult.

Dilan is the movie that took placed in Bandung year of 1990. Dilan is a film that adapted from the book written by Pidie Baiq. Dilan is a romantic, passionate, and rebel boy who loves his girl so much, named Milea. The movie was played almost 2 hours and 30 minutes. The movie was full of poet, and humor. It was a very very good movie, i like it soooo much.

Can’t wait for the sequel.


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